Q: What kind of lessons are available?

A: Classical piano lessons


Q: What is the payment policy?

A: We receive payments at the beginning of the month or every other week.


Q: Is there a cancellation policy?

A: Yes! A lesson can be rescheduled free of charge, however, cancellations less than 24 hours of the lessons (without re-scheduling) will not be refunded. 


Q: Where are the lessons held?

A: We come straight to your house!


Q: Does it matter how far away I live?

A: We are based off of US Highway 69 and College Ave, a central location to the Kansas City area! We are 15 miles from most of the surrounding suburbs, however due to the nature of providing an at-home service, any locations further than 15 miles from US Highway 69 and College Ave. will include a $10 distance fee per lesson. Any location further than 25 miles from US Highway 69 and College Ave. will include a $20 distance fee per lesson. The distance fee is used to cover the additional costs involved in reaching a more distant location instead of it becoming the teacher's expense.


Q: Do I need a piano?

A: We do require an instrument to be provided, whether its a full weighted 88-keys keyboard, an electric piano or a real piano is up to you!


Q: Should my piano be tuned?

A: If you have a real piano we do recommend it to be tuned. However, we only require it to be play-able, so if its only slightly out off tune that's fine!


Q: Are competitions available?

A: They will be soon!


Q: Are there recitals?

A: There are Fall and Spring recitals, however they are optional!


Q: How much does each lesson cost?

A: Please see Pricing for more information.


Q: Are lessons available in another language?

A: Lessons can be taught in either English or Portuguese. 


Q: How can I pay for my lesson?

A: Payments are accepted through cash, check, Cash app, PayPal or Venmo.